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We are asbestos removal experts. Denver Asbestos Removal is a licensed asbestos removal provider serving the greater Denver region. We have a complete crew and are prepared to take on any asbestos assignment. Our objective is to keep you, your family, or your employees safe as we remove asbestos from your property in a professional and timely manner.

Our Services

Denver Asbestos Removal employs cutting-edge technology, industry-leading waste management capabilities, and industry professionals to meet your compliance requirements while also protecting the environment. We have the ability to customize any of our solutions to match your exact needs, as well as the knowledge and skills to provide unrivaled service quality. When our customers encounter an environmental concern, they know Denver Asbestos Removal provides a comprehensive solution.

Asbestos Removal

Because of its resistance to heat, fire, electricity, and chemicals, asbestos was widely utilized in building and ship construction from the late 1800s through 1978. Asbestos fibers have no odor or flavor, and they do not dissolve or evaporate in water.

Asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other disorders can be caused by inhalation or ingestion. There has never been a reported safe threshold of asbestos exposure, therefore all exposure entails some risk.

We have over years of combined expertise in asbestos removal rules, techniques, supplies, and instruments. We assess the physical state of the building and analyze all requirements and regulations to ensure that services are performed on time and in accordance with Federal, State, and Local legislation.

However, we go above and beyond legal requirements by including vocation grade work area preparation and efficient cleaning practices into each asbestos abatement operation. This, we feel, is crucial to our high production ratio and client happiness.

Our employees have received extensive training in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (OSHA).

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Our skilled Denver Asbestos Removal crew will effectively eliminate your popcorn ceilings, retexture them, and give your house the sleek, contemporary aesthetic you desire. One of the most significant advantages of dealing with an experienced popcorn ceiling removal firm is Denver Asbestos Removal. It’s far quicker and cleaner than a DIY technique, and we promise you’ll be happy with the results.

Many firms in our region will not take on tiny popcorn ceiling removal and retexturing tasks, but we specialize in them. We at Denver Asbestos Removal can handle a wide range of functions, whether you require popcorn ceilings eliminated from your entire building or just one room. We’ve created and refined a popcorn ceiling removal and retexturing procedure that’s fast, effective, and produces stunning results over the course of our years of expertise.

Denver Asbestos Removal can restore a part of your popcorn ceiling. We can also retexture a piece or the full popcorn ceiling and seamlessly match a broad range of other ceiling and wall textures.

Lead Removal

If you suspect that your house or workplace has lead, you should have a qualified lead inspector evaluate the property and test it. Once the inspector has concluded that the building has lead or lead-painted panels, a licensed contractor must follow authorized techniques to remove the paint.

When removing lead paint, Denver Asbestos Removal hires qualified and trained lead paint supervisors and abatement experts that adhere to rigorous safety rules. Denver Asbestos Removal, as a general contractor specializing in environmental projects, provides a comprehensive solution to your lead paint concerns. Because the majority of our employees are also carpenters, we can promise our clients that the removal and replacement of lead paint components will be carried out by qualified tradespeople. Denver Asbestos Removal also engages excellent painters to apply encapsulants or repaint components that were previously scraped to bare wood. If your building requires lead-painted siding, our carpenters are also qualified siding replacement applicators. Please contact us to explore your alternatives.

Mold Remediation

Your house should be a shelter from dangerous contaminants. However, if excessive moisture permits mold to take over your house, you and your family may suffer from diminished health and comfort. Mold removal is a hard operation that requires specialized knowledge to complete properly. Denver Asbestos Removal offers complete mold removal services to families throughout the Colorado region, ensuring a safe, pleasant atmosphere in their living areas.

Denver Asbestos Removal can help you restore ultimate comfort and safety to your home. Contact us now to get started with our professional mold removal services!


When determining whether to rehabilitate or demolish a house or business, safety comes first. It is sometimes safer and more cost-effective to destroy a structure than to try to rehabilitate it. Our highly trained and qualified professionals will completely evaluate every part of your structure and provide a recommendation on whether or not it can be securely occupied again. Building issues that may indicate the necessity for destruction include:

  • Damaged foundation: If your building’s foundation is damaged, it will affect the entire structure. Floors will become uneven, doors will fail to close correctly, and fractures in the walls will form. The greatest answer could be to demolish the house or structure.
  • Age of the structure: If your house or company space is old, it may be more cost-effective to destroy it and create a new structure that is up to current on technology improvements and energy efficiency.
  • Value of the lot: If the value of your property has increased over time, it may be a good decision to destroy your home or company, sell the land for a high profit, and use the money to build a new home or business somewhere.


When the immune system is under stress, the body becomes more prone to sickness, resulting in decreased work performance and public health hazards!
It’s a good idea to disinfect your region on a frequent basis to keep the people in your building healthy and safe. Regular cleanings are especially important for any company that has employees or visitors in close quarters.
Denver Asbestos Removal provides comprehensive decontamination services that are guaranteed to clean your building. Our experts target air ducts, mechanical systems, all surfaces, walls, sub-surfaces, and any other locations you want to be cleaned throughout the decontamination process.

To guarantee that all measures are followed, we employ a special cleaning solution that is EPA-registered and suitable for indoor usage. Our cleaning solution has been designed to be exceptionally efficient against many hazardous types of virus, bacteria, and fungi while still working as a safe material around humans and animals.

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When looking for an asbestos removal firm in Colorado, keep in mind that you should proceed with care. We are certified and licensed to handle all sorts of asbestos removal.

We will inspect your land to discover mineral-containing regions. It might be infused into floor tiles, external shingles, wallpaper, fabrics, and wallboard caulking. If any materials have been damaged due to age or previous renovation, we will evaluate, test, and provide you with a formal asbestos abatement action plan. We will take precautions to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe if you intend to renovate or change your plumbing.

We will arrange for all required state inspections and regulatory notifications. And we’ll fix the problem using cutting-edge technology. We will dispose of asbestos safely and legally.

Our business is properly licensed, certified, and insured. We understand your worries, and we will tackle any asbestos problem with care and skill. Help is on its way!

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